Sandra's Pots

Offers a wide selection of handpainted items with scenery, fruit, flowers, grain elevators, cabins and cottages.

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Pet a Rock

Offers tips and painted rocks of animals, plants, flowers, houses, and garden markers. Custom orders available.

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Pam's Country Blessings

Tole and decorative painting pattern packets for wood and stone, painted by Pam Miller. Browse the gallery of portraits, wildlife and snowmen.

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Jannie Figurative Sculptures

Mixed-media, one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures, particularly lifelike and portrait figures, by artist Jannie van Eijk.

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CAB Creek Crafts

One of a kind and limited edition cloth pillowcase dolls, angels, and teddy bears. Specializing in dolls made from vintage linens.

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Gifts by Christine

Original handmade crochet, including angels, name banners, baby sweater sets, bibs, doilies, Christmas ornaments, crosses, and butterflies.

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